Star Wars Battlefront II Elite Corps

Star Wars Battlefront II PR Nightmare Continues With Accidental Droideka Screenshot

Last week, Star Wars Battlefront II created some controversy. No, not about loot boxes, unfixed bugs, removed heroes, or lost player progress—an entirely new controversy. And it all began with…

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Clone Wars Content Confirmed For Battlefront II (VIDEO)

DICE confirmed that Clone Wars content will arrive this year for Star Wars Battlefront II during EA Play at E3 2018. An image of the most heavily requested Hero, General…

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Dragon Ball FighterZ Video

Hilarious Dragon Ball FighterZ Video Explains Clone Wars (VIDEO)

A new Dragon Ball FighterZ video has been released, but this one has been done by the YouTube channel called Lore in a Minute. In this video, the team hilariously describes…

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