Death Stranding Conan O'Brien

Death Stranding Features Conan O’Brien Cameo, Complete With Sea Otter Hood (VIDEO)

One aspect of Death Stranding that is drawing many fans in is the fact that there are quite a few celebrities in the game. Not only is the main cast…

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Conan O'Brien

Conan O’Brien Visited Hideo Kojima And Filmed Something “Super Secret”

Conan O’Brien has become one of the best salesmen for video game companies looking to have any kind of national television presence. The “Clueless Gamer” segments showcase upcoming games where…

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Clueless Gamer – Conan O’Brien Plays Some For Honor in Latest Super Bowl Edition Bit (VIDEO)

It’s that time again – time for our favourite red head to sit down and completely get pwned by the latest in the gaming-verse. This time? The historically rooted PvP…

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Conan’s Hilarious “Clueless Gamer” Segment Will Now Be Its Own Show!

It’s a guilty pleasure of ours but we haven’t done much to hide how much we here at DFTG love Conan O’Brien’s “Clueless Gamer” bit on his late night TV…

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Hilarious “Clueless Gamer” Segment by Conan O’Brien Features Terry Crews and Battlefield 1 (VIDEO)

If you have basic internet and happen upon YouTube once in awhile, chances are you’ve seen at least one of the hilarious segments by Conan O’Brien called “Clueless Gamer”. We’ve…

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Conan O'Brien - Clueless Gamer - Final Fantasy XV

Conan O’Brien Sullenly Plays Final Fantasy XV With Elijah Wood (VIDEO)

In the latest installment of the wildly popular Clueless Gamer, we get to see Conan O’Brien and Elijah Wood tackle Final Fantasy XV. Well, they attempt to tackle Final Fantasy…

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Conan O’Brien Hilariously Plays Gears of War 4 with Wiz Khalifa (VIDEO)

Conan O’Brien’s series Clueless Gamer has been going on for over four years now, and it is still downright hilarious. If you have not guessed by now, or have not…

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