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Video Game Strike

SAG-AFTRA Reached “Tentative Agreement” to End Video Game Strike

Since October of last year, the SAG-AFTRA union has been on strike against 11 video game companies. In that time, video games have still been coming out, just not with…

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SAG-AFTRA strike

After an 8-Month SAG-AFTRA Strike, Both Sides are Now Open to Negotiations

For some in the voice acting community, the last 8-months have been frustrating. The Screen Actors Guild has been on strike against major gaming companies for better conditions and fairer…

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Second Longest SAG Strike

SAG-AFTRA Video Game Strike Becomes Second Longest SAG Strike Ever

We here at Don’t Feed the Gamers have been closely following the currently ongoing SAG-AFTRA Strike pertaining to video game voice actors being mistreated by game publishers since it first…

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DFTG Speaks with Lucio from Overwatch’s VA Jonny Cruz – Talks SAG-AFTRA Strike, the Industry, and Fan Fiction (VIDEO)

There is a huge event going on right now within the gaming industry where voice actors and other performance artists that help make the games lovable are currently fighting for…

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Actors Equity Backs SAG-AFTRA During Insomniac Games Strike

For those unfamiliar with the strike, or unsure why it’s important that Actors Equity backs SAG-AFTRA, give us a moment to fill you in. A lot has happened since October…

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video game strike

Continued Protests and Actors Speaking Out About SAG-AFTRA Video Game Strike

On November 3rd, the Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) had another picket line for their video game strike in front of WB games in Burbank, CA….

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Game Companies Issue Response to SAG-AFTRA Negotiations on New Website

By now you’ve probably heard at least something about the SAG-AFTRA strike that began October 21st, with a picket line in front of EA on October 24th.  Famous actors like…

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SAG-AFTRA picket line

Picket Outside of EA, SAG-AFTRA Strike Update

We have been posting a lot about the SAG-AFTRA strike against certain employers in the video game industry because it is something we care deeply about. Today they had their…

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Voice Actors Unite: Picket Date Set for SAG-AFTRA Strike

[Original story can be found here] You may have heard in the passing week of an possible SAG-AFTRA Strike coming soon. SAG-AFTRA has been in negotiations with the video gaming industry…

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Jennifer Hale S.W.A.A.T.

SAG-AFTRA Calls for Video Game Strike for All Voice Actors on October 21st

The Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) are calling on a strike set for October 21st. This strike is meant to “bring the concerns of working…

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