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Super Mario Brothers adaption

Super Mario Brothers Hololens Adaption Played in Central Park (VIDEO)

Many minds were blown by the introduction of the Hololens in 2016 when demonstrators showed it off with Minecraft on a table top. Since then the gaming headset, designed to…

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N Sane Trilogy Ads (VIDEO)

Watch Crash Prepare For His “Fur-K” Remaster in These Hilarious N Sane Trilogy Ads (VIDEO)

Crash Bandicoot will be coming to the PlayStation 4 later this month in the Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy, a complete remake of the first three games that graced the PlayStation…

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E3 2017 Attendance

E3 2017 Attendance Up From Last Year – What Does the Future Hold?

This year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo has come and gone, but its impact will leave an impression on the years ahead. Of course, that’s until the next greatest console comes along…

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A Rundown of All the New Games Revealed at E3 2017

A Rundown of All the New Games Revealed at E3 2017

E3 2017 is at its end and this year’s varied news events marked the official unveiling of a brand new console and showcased many of the biggest games that will…

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Xbox One X compared to current-gen consoles

Here’s the Xbox One X Compared to Other Current-Gen Consoles

With E3 drawing to a close soon, and the world’s most powerful console being out in the open for everyone to gaze upon, it’s time to see the Xbox One…

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nintendo eshop e3 sale

Big Nintendo eShop E3 Sale is Happening Right Now – Full List of Games Here

Nintendo’s recent E3 presentation unveiled a sizable amount of new games on the way for the Nintendo Switch, a few of which from classic franchises Super Mario and Metroid, and new…

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Nintendo Switch Gets its Own Yoshi Game at E3 (VIDEO)

Fans of the Super Mario universe and owners of the Nintendo Switch have something to look forward to next year. Nintendo announced at E3 that a new Yoshi title will…

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Kirby Nintendo Switch

New Kirby Nintendo Switch Game Revealed With New Trailer at Nintendo Spotlight E3 2017 (VIDEO)

The Nintendo Spotlight E3 2017 video made its debut today, announcing a great many new projects, as well as more details about previously confirmed future titles. Much like the Sony…

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metroid prime 4

Metroid Prime 4 in Development for Nintendo Switch – Samus Returns Coming This Year (VIDEO)

During today’s Nintendo Spotlight E3 conference, a new entry in the popular sci-fi action platformer series Metroid was confirmed. Metroid Prime 4 was revealed in a short teaser video during the press event,…

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Breath of the Wild expansion pass

Here are the Details for the Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass (VIDEO)

Nintendo’s E3 2017 Spotlight presentation is drawing to a close, but not before more information was revealed about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild expansion pass. With two…

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