‘One Eyed Kutkh’ Brings Siberian Fairy Tales to the World of Video Games (VIDEO)

Say hello to One Eyed Kutkh, an imagined world of what eastern Siberian fairy tales would be like if they were about space travel. Yeah, space travel! We follow our…

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CineFix Brings Doctor Strange Into the 8-Bit World (VIDEO)

Damn, CineFix…back at it again with 8-Bit Cinema! The very same folks who have brought you 8-bit renditions of such classic hits as The Revenant, Pulp Fiction, and The Shawshank…

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Marvel Meet LEGO – Guardians of the Galaxy 2 LEGO Trailer is Spot On (VIDEO)

There are two things we all absolutely love in this world: Guardians of the Galaxy and LEGO. So what do we think when those two are combined into one, incredible…

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Get Ready to ‘Die Young’ in Upcoming Survival Horror Game [VIDEO]

Good news gamers! Soon, you’ll finally be able to realize your dreams of running from a bunch of psychopaths on a Mediterranean island! The survival horror game, Die Young, will…

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Lord Have “Mercy” – This Overwatch Cosplay is Proof that Heroes Never Die! (Video)

If you thought you saw all of the best Overwatch cosplay when we covered BlizzCon 2016, think again. Overwatch has a very passionate fan base with new cosplays based off the…

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Super Smash Bros Melee Recreated as a Fan-Made Browser Game (VIDEO)

A clever and creative fan has perfectly recreated Super Smash Bros Melee to fit the constraints of a common internet browser. YouTube user “Schmoo” recently uploaded a video showing off a fan…

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Hearthstone Brings Holiday Cheer to Your Home (VIDEO)

The holidays are a wonderful time where friends and families get to spend time together sitting around, talking, and watching the flames of a warm fire crackle on a crystal…

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Blizzard’s Latest Collectable: The Overwatch Reaper Statue *Heavy Breathing Intensifies* [VIDEO]

Blizzard continues its line of premium collectibles with the newly revealed Overwatch Reaper Statue. Only the second collectible in the line, the Reaper figure follows Blizzard’s release of the Overwatch…

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Fan Made Music Video Goes Into the Mind of Life is Strange’s Nathan Prescott [VIDEO]

This video is very strange, but perfectly sums up the internal struggle that lives in Nathan Prescott. His character was in the game Life is Strange which is about a…

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Sombra myths

Overwatch’s Sombra Myths Explored (VIDEO) – Confirmed vs. Busted

Ever since Overwatch unveiled Sombra, the collective of the game’s fan base has been going bananas. When she was still in PTR, it was not uncommon for a match to…

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