Chicken Attack Takeo Ischi

Witness Takeo Ischi’s Impressive Yodeling in the Hilarious “Chicken Attack” Music Video (VIDEO)

Is this related to gaming at all? Not even remotely, but when I blessed my ears with the melody of “Chicken Attack” by Portal A and the Gregory Brothers, I…

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Minecraft 1.8.8

Play Pokemon Cobalt and Amethyst In Minecraft 1.8.8 Without Modding! (VIDEO)

A new Pokemon theme has been added to the ever popular title, Minecraft, and this time, it allows gamers to fully experience Pokemon Cobalt and Amethyst right in their own…

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Terry Crews Doomfist Mock Audition

Terry Crews’ Doomfist Mock Audition for Overwatch is a Must See (VIDEO)

Blizzard’s team-based first person shooter Overwatch has become wildly popular since its release. The prospect of voicing one of the characters would have anyone ready to defend the payload! In…

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Steep's Alaska DLC

Steep’s Alaska DLC Arrives Next Week, Check out the New Teaser Now (VIDEO)

Steep‘s Alaska DLC arrives next week, but Ubisoft wasn’t going to let gamers get started without a little something. In the teaser trailer, Ubisoft shows off the vast open space…

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ps4 pro boost mode

“Boost Mode” Allows PlayStation 4 Pro to Enhance Unpatched Games (VIDEO)

In preparation for their next PlayStation 4 update, Sony has announced a few features that aim to improve the overall user experience. One major addition to the PlayStation 4 Pro that was more-or-less glossed…

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Witness the Horrors of ‘Husk’- Now Available on Steam (VIDEO)

Indie game developer Undead Scout has released their new horror-adventure game, Husk. The new game is said to be reminiscent of titles like Silent Hill and Alan Wake. The bone-chilling town of Shivercliff awaits your arrival. Husk takes…

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Prepare to Amp Up Your Heroes of the Storm Game with Lucio’s Sick Beats (VIDEO)

If you are a fan of Blizzard games and don’t already know what Heroes of the Storm is, then you should definitely check it out. Culminating all the awesomeness that…

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Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV Real Escape Game Coming to Select Cities This Year! (VIDEO)

With the recent growth of popularity in live-action escape games/rooms, it was only a matter of time before somebody brought the Final Fantasy franchise into the mix. It was recently announced by…

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New Mass Effect Trailer Showcases Andromeda Multiplayer Gameplay (VIDEO)

There have been a lot of teasers and amazing trailers to give pathfinders their taste of adventure before the upcoming BioWare release of Mass Effect Andromeda. In the latest trailer,…

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Clueless Gamer – Conan O’Brien Plays Some For Honor in Latest Super Bowl Edition Bit (VIDEO)

It’s that time again – time for our favourite red head to sit down and completely get pwned by the latest in the gaming-verse. This time? The historically rooted PvP…

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