New Trailer Spotlights Mass Effect Andromeda’s Krogan Squadmate – Meet Drack (VIDEO)

Another day closer to the release of BioWare’s space RPG Mass Effect Andromeda, another day of titillating teasers. Earlier, we got an in-depth look at squad mate Jaal – the…

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Halo Wars 2 PC demo

Halo Wars 2 PC Demo Available Now for Free – Here’s How to Get Yours

Even though Halo Wars 2 has been out for a few weeks, players have been looking for a little try-before-they-buy action. A week after its release, Xbox One owners were…

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Andromeda Multiplayer Gameplay

Official Mass Effect: Andromeda Multiplayer Gameplay Video is Here! (VIDEO)

The countdown to Mass Effect: Andromeda currently stands at two days for EA/Origin Access members, seven days for US players, and nine days for the rest of the world. Anticipation…

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Nier Automata's hard mode

Nier Automata’s Hard Mode is Getting Fans to Do Impressive Things in Combat (VIDEO)

While the game has only been out for a week, players are already putting the intense battles of Nier Automata‘s hard mode to the test with impressive results. The difficulty level…

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Twitch Channel

New Destiny Age of Triumph Live Stream Coming to Bungie’s Twitch Channel Tomorrow (VIDEO)

If you’ve been keeping up to date on the latest updates from Bungie but haven’t heard the news, there’s a brand new live stream coming from Bungie’s Twitch channel tomorrow featuring…

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Psyonix Releases Electrifying Gameplay Trailer for Rocket League’s New ‘Dropshot’ Mode (VIDEO)

Less than a week ago, Psyonix VP Jeremy Dunham announced his company’s long-term commitment to their hit soccer-with-cards game Rocket League, stating that the developer would prefer to focus on supporting…

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Alien Race

PAX East Trailer for ‘Elite Dangerous’ Shows Ominous Encounter With Alien Race (VIDEO)

Aliens are well established within the Elite universe. Ancient ruins and unknown artifacts can be seen peppered throughout space, it’s an adventure that houses many mysteries. Unfortunately, they don’t provide…

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European Space Agency

Mass Effect: Andromeda and European Space Agency Combine Forces for New Series (VIDEO)

The countdown to launch continues on for Mass Effect: Andromeda. As it stands, EA/Origin Access members have three days until they get their hands on the 10-hour free trial, while…

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New Video Shows off the Squadmate Jaal from Mass Effect Andromeda (VIDEO)

With the release of BioWare’s latest space RPG, Mass Effect Andromeda, officially less than 10 days away (less than a week, if you have Origin Access) – the tid-bits of…

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Xbox One Custom Controllers

Microsoft’s Brand New Custom Controllers for Xbox One – Mass Effect, Gwent, Gears and More! (VIDEO)

It looks like Microsoft is going to have a stellar year when it comes to their gaming consoles. New features have already been added to the Xbox One systems and…

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