Super Mario Piranha Plant LEGO Creation is Fully Functional and Awesome! (VIDEO)

Super Mario Run released less than a week ago for Android and iOS devices. Since then, the application has grossed the charts for iOS, making it to number one in the…

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‘Tis the Season – Minecraft Holiday DLC is in Full Swing (VIDEO)

The ever-popular sandbox title, Minecraft, has released its newest Holiday Themed DLC pack today, and just in time for Christmas! The Minecraft Holiday DLC, titled the Festive Mash-up DLC, allows…

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Star Marine

Star Marine Gameplay Video Shows Shootout In Space (VIDEO)

A new Star Marine trailer was shared with IGN in the last 24 hours, showing off fresh footage of players fighting it out in space. This beautiful looking module will…

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Dynasty Warriors 9

Koei Tecmo America Teases Dynasty Warriors 9 (VIDEO)

Koei Tecmo, developers of such games as Dynasty Warriors 8, Attack on Titan, and Dead or Alive 5, have released a teaser trailer for Dynasty Warriors 9. The video is more of an official announcement as…

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First Footage From Blade Runner 2049 (Video)

Just in time for the holidays, Warner Bros. has gifted us our first glimpse of Blade Runner 2. Harrison Ford returns for the sequel to what since opening in 1982 to…

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Jason Slays in New Multiplayer Gameplay Footage for Friday the 13th Game (VIDEO)

Friday the 13th is a franchise that most of have grown up with. The fear of Jason Voorhees walking in, with his hockey mask on and a knife ready to…

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Star Citizen

New Star Citizen Gameplay Trailer Highlights What the Game Can Really Do (VIDEO)

Cloud Imperium Games appears to be doing everything within their power to ensure Star Citizen is exactly what they, along with fans, want it to be. With over 1.6 million “Star Citizens” and…

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Dragon Quest XI Gameplay

Watch This New Dragon Quest XI Gameplay Footage (VIDEO)

The Dragon Quest series has been an RPG staple in console gaming since the NES era, but in recent years, Western fans of the series have had unfortunate luck when…

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Arcade Surfing Coming to PC and Console Next Year with Surf World Series (VIDEO)

At first glance you may wonder what is to be gained from a game that has you riding waves all day. Though, if you’ve ever played SSX Tricky, or rode…

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1980’s Throwback Coming with Free Update for PS4’s Battlezone (VIDEO)

For the eldest of gamers among us, Battlezone may be a memorable 1980’s Atari classic. Nothing says throwback like pixelated geometric shapes moving over a barren wasteland of other pixelated…

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