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Steven Universe

Steven Universe Title Making Its Debut On PS4 and Xbox One (VIDEO)

For fans of the hit Cartoon Network show Steven Universe a chance to delve into the world of this quirky, and oftentimes touching, show would seem like a dream come…

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Details for Splatoon 2’s Single Player Campaign “Hero Mode” Revealed

It hasn’t been long since the Nintendo Switch’s debut and the console is already taking the world by storm. Especially since there are exclusive games players can’t enjoy on other…

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Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Opening

Friday the 13th Player Recreates Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Opening Scene (VIDEO)

Despite being in theaters for nearly a month already, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is still performing well at the weekend box office to confirm a third film in…

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Diablo 3’s Malthael is Next Character to Come to Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm likes to crossover characters from other Blizzard games like Overwatch’s D.Va and Genji, but now another game is bleeding into the online multiplayer battle arena. It…

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Need for Speed: Payback

‘Need for Speed: Payback’ Announcement Trailer is Here – Full Details Plus Release Date (VIDEO)

One of the most infamous racing game franchises is back, and looks to be a white-knuckle, high-octane, turbo-boosted joy ride. EA and Ghost Games confirmed a while back that a…

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Magnemite Music Video

Strange Magnemite Music Video Puts an Odd Spotlight on the Magnet Pokémon (VIDEO)

The Pokémon franchise is certainly no stranger to highlighting the absurdities of its lore, and fixating on specific creatures that embody the weirder side of its numerous monsters. The internet is…

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Destiny 2 Villain

Voice Actor for Major Destiny 2 Villain as Been Revealed

Since the release of the first trailer, in which we discovered that an attack by the Cabal felled The Last City, confirmation arose that a ruthless tactician Ghaul was the…

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Tekken 7 is Officially Here – “Bring the Fight” With the Action-Packed Launch Trailer Here (VIDEO)

Fans of the long-standing fighter Tekken can now get their hands on the latest title as it is officially out for all platforms: PC (as of yesterday), Xbox One, and…

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After News of Sense8’s Cancellation, Fans Started a Petition to Save the Series #RenewSense8

When news hit that the popularly dynamic show Sense8 was among the shows to receive the axe from Netflix, there was an instant uproar from fans of this intricate narrative….

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Expect a Huge God of War Presence at E3 2017 – New Ad Amps Up Hype

E3 is looming around the corner and several members of our team can’t wait to sit front row and absorb all of the gaming goodness that is so close, yet…

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