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Xbox Game Pass Sign-Ups Have Been “Really Strong” According to Xboss Phil Spencer

Just a few days ago, Microsoft launched their new Netflix-like subscription service Xbox Game Pass aimed at featuring the console’s most popular titles without the need to shell out for potentially…

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Shenmue 3

Shenmue 3 Not to Make E3 Appearance – Reveals New Character

With E3 rapidly approaching, fans are beginning to learn more about which games will be featured in this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. One that will not be making an appearance…

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The Witcher 3 Original Soundtrack Receives an Exclusive Vinyl Album Release

Vinyl records are coming back with a vengeance and in the video game industry, no less. To name a few other series which have jumped on the bandwagon are Persona 5,…

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Prey's Price

Prey’s Price Dropped Less Than a Month After Launch

Prey is the sci-fi first person shooter from Arkane Studios that was released on May 5th. The game follows Morgan Yu, who can be played as either a male or…

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New Castlevania Promo Art for the Upcoming Netflix Show is Definitely a Throwback

Pretty much everyone in the gaming collective, whether seasoned or newbies, was pleasantly surprised (or absolutely lost their shit like we did) when the reveal trailer appeared for the upcoming…

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Injustice 2 Introduces Red Hood in this Brutal Gameplay Trailer (VIDEO)

Released just this month, the fighting game Injustice 2 has finally given us a release date for Jason Todd aka Red hood in June. We knew the character was coming soon…

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Color Blind Gamer

Color Blind Gamer Experiences World of Warcraft in Color for the First Time (VIDEO)

Advancements in optical technology are a wonderful thing, and it is helping color blind gamer Shaun see things in color for the very first time. Shaun has been playing Blizzard’s World…

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Reinhardt Overwatch

Blizzard Aims to Fix Accidental Reinhardt Nerf in Latest Overwatch Update

The Overwatch one year anniversary event is well underway, with players all over the world working to get exclusive loot from the event. The latest update for the game brought…

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Modded 3DS Devices

Nintendo Brings Down the Ban Hammer on Modded 3DS Devices

Many owners of hacked or modded 3DS devices have found themselves under the ban hammer of Nintendo. The company has been silently disabling the online capabilities of players with modded devices,…

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LawBreakers creator

LawBreakers Creator Says Cross-Play is “Dumb” – Tells Fans Exactly Why He Thinks So

Boss Key Productions founder Cliff Bleszinski, best known for creating Gears of War, is now working on his first game since leaving Epic Games. The first-person shooter LawBreakers recently released a…

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