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Fortnite Season 3

Fortnite: Here’s How to Enable Crossplay Between PC And PlayStation 4

Fortnite continues to show gamers that there is a different kind of battle royale experience outside of chicken dinners. With constant updates, new events, and around the clock support, it’s…

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Strange 2 Story

Life is Strange 2 Story And Character Details Coming Soon, Brand New Adventure Awaits

Life is Strange: Before the Storm has finally wrapped up with the release of their Bonus Episode: Farewell today. The episode features a younger Max and Chloe with Ashly Burch and…

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Spyro the Dragon demo code

Spyro The Dragon Demo Code Found Within Crash Bandicoot Datamine

With all of the evidence popping up lately that points to Activision working on a Spyro the Dragon trilogy remaster, fans are waiting on the edge of their seats to…

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Demon's Souls Online Services

Demon’s Souls Online Services Receive New Lease On Life

Late last year, Atlus revealed that it would be shutting down the Demon’s Souls online servers after almost nine long years of activity. Last week the final nail in the coffin…

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Darwin Project

‘The Darwin Project’ Offers A Chilling Twist To The Battle Royale Genre, Coming Soon To Xbox One

These days, battle royale titles have become all the rage and while PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite: Battle Royale stand tall as two of the most popular games in the genre,…

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Rune: Ragnarok Gameplay Footage

Rune: Ragnarok Gameplay Footage Shows Off The Game’s Gory Action (VIDEO)

If you happen to be a fan of 2000’s hack-and-slash video game Rune, you may remember the developer announcing a follow-up last year. After releasing a cinematic trailer, fans couldn’t…

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Pikachu Looks Hideous With Teeth – It’s Just Not Right

Pikachu, an icon of youth of the animated television series, will be ruined forever. As all memes do, a new one has surfaced to grace the eyes of humanity to…

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Turok 2: Seeds Of Evil Celebrates Remastered Release With New Trailer (VIDEO)

Turok 2: Seeds of Evil alongside the original title have arrived and they’re completely remastered with additional playable content, enhanced Nintendo 64 graphics, and more. To celebrate this special occasion…

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Xenoblade Chronicels 2 Update

Latest Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Update Adds New Game Plus Mode & More

Previously we announced that the New Game Plus mode would be coming soon, and now we’re here to deliver the good news. In the latest Xenoblade Chronicles 2 update, the…

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Fortnite Accuracy

Fortnite Accuracy Issue To Be Addressed In Upcoming Update (VIDEO)

An ever increasing amount of fans have been enjoying Fortnite, but the game is not without flaws. Players have noticed that there seems to be an issue with the accuracy…

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