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Outlast 2 Developers are Kickstarting their Own Brand of Adult Diapers Called Underscares

Red Barrels, the developers of Outlast 2, have created a Kickstarter in order to make their own brand of adult diapers called Underscares. So far they only have $5,890 pledged…

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New Mortal Kombat Movie with Director Simon McQuoid

Simon McQuoid will be joining the team toward making a new Mortal Kombat movie, says Variety magazine. His name may not be well-known in the gaming industry in particular, but…

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Take Two CEO Strauss Zelnick Wants to Establish a Legacy – Talks “Overselling titles”

During an MKM Partners webcast, Strauss Zelnick (CEO of Take Two Interactive Publishing) explained why the company does not release games annually. Take Two is known, in particular, for the…

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Actors Equity Backs SAG-AFTRA During Insomniac Games Strike

For those unfamiliar with the strike, or unsure why it’s important that Actors Equity backs SAG-AFTRA, give us a moment to fill you in. A lot has happened since October…

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The Spicy Deets Between the Sheets – Mass Effect Andromeda Romance

Everyone has their favorite space waifus and husbandos in the previous Mass Effect games, and Andromeda romance options will be following suit by providing multiple characters to horizontal tango with…

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Tekken 7

Tekken 7 Producer Talks eSports and Console Ports

In a recent interview, Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada shines a bit of light on Tekken 7‘s 2017 home release as well as its place in the competitive scene. Gamespot recently…

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Lucio’s BlizzCon Chat with Overwatch Cast is Now Animated – It is Perfect! (VIDEO)

Remember that hilarious video Jonny Cruz, the voice actor for Overwatch’s Lucio, made when he was at BlizzCon 2016? The one where he chatted up a good portion of his…

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The Wood Elves have Come! Total War: Warhammer Realm of the Wood Elves Expansion (Video)

If you have been or are looking at playing Total War: Warhammer then we’ve got some exciting news. Due to be released December 8th is the “biggest expansion to date”…

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EVE Goes Full on Free to Play – Plus Even More Additions to Entice New Players

Love it or hate it, the sheer enormity of EVE Online cannot be denied. Often lovingly called “Excel sheet the game” it takes a lot of patience and time to…

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Live Stream

Uncharted 4 Leads the Way in 2016 Game Award Nominations – Here’s the Full List

In just a couple of weeks, fans will be waiting with bated breath to see which of their favorite games will win at the 2016 Game Awards. It’s no wonder…

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