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EA Nintendo Switch

Mystery EA Nintendo Switch Game Will Be One of Their “Bigger Games”

One of the biggest surprises for fans that watched the video that revealed the Nintendo Switch last month was the amount of third party developers that were confirmed to be releasing…

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Watch Dogs 2 Genitals Screenshot Could Result in Ban for PSN Players (NSFW VIDEO)

Who would have ever thought they would read Watch Dogs 2 genitals in a headline? Among all the hype and steady fan excitement revolving around the recent release of subsequent Watch…

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Super Mario Run Excites With New Gameplay Trailer (VIDEO)

Yet another brilliant installment of the Super Mario franchise was announced today. Its name? Super Mario Run! It’s an auto-running, classic Mario jumping, coin collecting game that will be coming…

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A Pokemon-Overwatch Crossover Has Emerged – We are Kind of Digging it

Crossovers have always been the spice that adds to the excitement of fandoms. The creativity it takes to find the similarities between opposing games, television shows, or movies, and splice…

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Ubisoft Hidden Trailer in Watch Dogs 2 Unmasked as ‘Pioneer’

You may remember last weekend that we showed you what appeared to be a trailer for an upcoming Ubisoft title burred in a Watch Dogs 2 mission. After seeing the…

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origin access games

Here’s a Complete List of All 60+ EA Access Games

When EA (Electronic Arts) Access, a.k.a. Origin Access, first started just last year, there were only a handful of games available – giving the program very little value for the…

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Insider Trading Charges Brought Against Ubisoft

So remember last week when Ubisoft CEO, Yves Guillemot told the press that there was no concern over a hostile takeover by multimedia dynamo, Vivindi? Well as it turns out,…

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Conan O'Brien - Clueless Gamer - Final Fantasy XV

Conan O’Brien Sullenly Plays Final Fantasy XV With Elijah Wood (VIDEO)

In the latest installment of the wildly popular Clueless Gamer, we get to see Conan O’Brien and Elijah Wood tackle Final Fantasy XV. Well, they attempt to tackle Final Fantasy…

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Battlefield 1

The Official Battlefield 1 Fall Update Has Gone Live!

If you’re a fan of EA’s hottest title this year, you might have noticed that any online gameplay might have gone off the grid today. That’s because the long anticipated…

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Total War: ARENA Now Under Wargaming Alliance Development (VIDEO)

Total War: ARENA, a long anticipated free-to-play MMO, is finally moving forward in its production phase, as SEGA has officially passed the buck onto Wargaming in a surprising partnership to…

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