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Final Fantasy XV Art Director

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XV Art Director Leaves Company

While Final Fantasy XV is continuing to receive support, such as the new Episode Gladiolus DLC months after its release, the bulk of the game’s design phase is relatively completed….

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Quake Champions

Quake Champions Unveils New Trailer for Anarki, A Transhuman Punk With a Hoverboard (VIDEO)

It’s been slow going waiting for the latest updates on Bethesda’s upcoming title Quake Champions. Understandably, the slow updates on this newest shooter may be frustrating for fans of the…

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First Look at Phantom Dust on the Xbox One From Xboss Phil Spencer

The upcoming title Phantom Dust that is slated for the Xbox One is actually a remake of the action strategy game that came out in 2004 (2005 in North America)…

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Netflix’s New Godzilla Anime Film Reveals Behind the Scenes Concept Art (VIDEO)

Gloated as the “first-ever high quality animation” by Netflix press release, a Japanese animated film of the most iconic kaiju (“giant monster”) Godzilla will be making its way to the recognized streaming…

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Destiny 2 Collector's Edition

Leaked Destiny 2 Collector’s Edition Info Begs the Question “Who is Hawthorne?”

It’s become a well known fact that gamers can and will scour over every scrap of information they can get their hands on searching for any insight on a new…

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destiny 2 dlc expansions

New Destiny 2 DLC Leak Exposes Expansion Pass Release Information

Destiny 2 may have only just been announced a few days ago, but information about developer Bungie’s space-set action game had already been outed numerous times before the official announcement. Previous…

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Latest Ark Patch

Latest Ark Patch Offers Teleporters, Sea Labs, and the Majesty of Unicorns (VIDEO)

Ark has been a favorite pastime for many open-world survival enthusiasts. As if the prospect of riding a T-Rex to your mega mountain base wasn’t enough, the latest Ark patch is…

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We Happy Few

‘We Happy Few’ is Getting the Hollywood Treatment – Future Film Inbound

Full feature film adaptations of video games have been around for a while now, and most don’t resonate well with critics and audiences of the source materials. With a seemingly…

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HZD Patch 1.12 - 3D Audio Support, Progression Fixes

Horizon: Zero Dawn Update 1.12 Adds 3D Audio Support, Fixes Several Progression Issues

Developer Guerrilla Games is doing their very best to ensure that their massively successful open-word adventure Horizon: Zero Dawn is as bug-free as possible. Their latest update, Patch 1.12, is…

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8-Bit Bayonetta

8-Bit Bayonetta Released on Steam – Download it for Free (VIDEO)

If you’re a fan of the Bayonetta franchise and have ever wondered “I sure wish there were less bits in this game,” you’re in luck! Thanks to a collaboration between…

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