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Vampyr, from the minds behind Life is Strange, Inside Look – Morality Plays a Big Part in Being Dead

In DONTNOD‘s followup to the episodic, heartbreaking Life is Strange, Vampyr allows players to question their own morality while flirting with immortality. The action RPG follows Jonathan Reid, a doctor…

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Word on the Street: Next Call of Duty Title Leaked by Mistake

The internet is all abuzz about on a possible title for a 2017 Call of Duty release dubbed Lethal Combat, otherwise known as Stronghold. SAG-AFTRA released a list of projects…

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Dragon Age

Executive Producer of Dragon Age, Mark Darrah, Drops Major Hints at Future of the Franchise

A few weeks ago, we reported here that the Executive Producer of the Dragon Age franchise, Mark Darrah, was dropping some not so subtle hints about the fourth installment of the Dragon…

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Krillbite Announces New PS4 Game – the Existential Journey ‘Mosaic’ (VIDEO)

Krillbite, makers of Among the Sleep, excitedly announced their newest game coming to PS4 titled Mosaic. Self described as “something of a point-and-click adventure” it seems to have a heavy…

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Sony Gives Us A Closer Look at The World of New Horizon: Zero Dawn (Video)

Sony recently released a new trailer for their upcoming open world action-role playing game Horizon Zero Dawn. The two and a half minute featurette titled “Creating a New World” shows…

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Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy Might be Getting the Telltale Games Treatment

If anyone knows how to tell a story, it is most certainly Telltale Games. With critically acclaimed series such as Batman, The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, and Game…

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New Miitomo Update Adds Fashion Designing and Room Decorating

Miitomo was Nintendo’s first foray into mobile games/apps, and was likely meant to be the launching platform to get Nintendo fans adjusted to the House of Mario’s presence on smartphones…

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Ubisoft Easter Egg Trailer in Watch Dogs 2 – Possible Hint at New Ubisoft Title?

An easter egg trailer in Ubisoft’s new Watch Dogs 2 shows… something? Struck across the screen is a translucent overlay that reads “Ubisoft Confidential Do Not Distribute E3_Conf_Video_v03” and then…

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The Little Acre – An Upcoming Adorable Yet Touching Indie Game (VIDEO)

When it comes to video games, digital rendering and computer generated graphics are obviously the spice of life. While there is so much a game developer can do with a…

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Dead Rising 4 “Meet the Maniacs”- Killer Santa Claus (VIDEO)

Dead Rising 4 has less than a month before the game’s release and fan excitement is only growing with each day. To keep the momentum going, developers have finally released more…

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