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Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor Release Date Confirmed for PC/Xbox One – New Trailer Details Terrifying AI (VIDEO)

For those not in the know, Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror game that is about sneaking into the house of, well… your neighbor. Seems simple enough, right? It’s not….

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Pilgrim mod

New Pilgrim Mod for Fallout 4 Turns Boston Commonwealth into the Stuff of Nightmares (VIDEO)

A new mod for Fallout 4 was created that turns the Boston Commonwealth setting into a straight up horror movie. The Pilgrim mod was apparently inspired by the twisted, gut…

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Sonic Mania

Sonic Mania Release Date Possibly Leaked by Steam

SEGA fans have had a long wait since the initial announcement of Sonic Mania coming to consoles in the near future. With previous news that the title had been pushed back,…

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Installation 01

Fan-Made Halo Game Installation 01 for PC Releases New Trailer (VIDEO)

Halo is undoubtedly a familiar franchise among the Xbox crowd, and the news of this popular series continues to mount up for fans world-wide. In between releases and patches, there…

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Warframe Studio

Warframe Studio Digital Extremes Announces New Game Called Keystone

Warframe studio Digital Extremes has announced that they are working on a new free-to-play game called Keystone.  The game, which is beginning its closed alpha phase this weekend, is a team-based…

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A New Hint Toward a Mass Effect: Andromeda Quarian Ark DLC Has Arrived (VIDEO)

As made very clear at the start of Mass Effect: Andromeda, there is more than the three arks making their way toward the Andromeda galaxy. Aside from the Turian, Salarian,…

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Galaxy episode 2

Telltale Announces Guardians of the Galaxy Episode 2 “Under Pressure” Coming Next Month

The first episode of Telltale Game’s Guardians of the Galaxy released last month and gave players a unique galaxy guarding quest to embark on while also staying true to the…

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Bloodborne statue

Expensive Bloodborne Statue is a Stunningly Beautiful Version of the Hunter (GALLERY)

Fans of Bloodborne or ridiculously expensive collectibles might enjoy this. Prime 1 Studio has recently released photos of an upcoming statue they’ve designed of the Hunter, and it is absolutely…

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Zelda, Metroid, Okami and More References You May Have Missed in Kong: Skull Island

The director behind Kong: Skull Island has a couple of sly references that the team behind the film slid into the narrative that movie-goers may have missed, according to Jordan…

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Dedicated Servers

Bungie Explains Why Destiny 2 Will Not Be Using Dedicated Servers – Counteraction Plans in Place

Destiny 2’s big reveal has come and gone and fans were treated to the first available gameplay of the new shooter. Bungie has now come out to give new information concerning…

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