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Listen to the Full Assassin’s Creed Motion Picture Soundtrack Right Here

Does anyone remember an early trailer for the upcoming Assassin’s Creed movie, that featured Kanye West’s “I Am a God“? It wasn’t the most suitable track selection for a video game…

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Ark Park

ARK Park – Walk With Dinos In Upcoming VR Experience! (VIDEO)

Welcome to Jurassic Park! Alright that’s probably copyright infringement, so we can’t actually say that, but this is definitely the closest we’ll ever get to experiencing such an awe-inspiring theme…

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Steam Winter Sale Banner

Paypal UK Confirms Start Of Steam Winter Sale

The Steam Winter Sale will start on December 22nd, confirmed by Paypal UK’s twitter feed. This date was first leaked by NeoGAF and now everyone can prepare their wallets for certain….

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Crytek Studio Locations

Five Crytek Studio Locations Are Being Shut Down

In the years that saw the previous generation of video game consoles transition into the current generation of consoles, we saw the collapse of many mid-level game studios and even…

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bastion custom pc

Modder Creates Amazing PC That Looks Like Bastion from Overwatch (VIDEO)

Overwatch’s Bastion has come to life, well sort of, thanks to modder Jan Erik Vangen who has built this custom PC with detailed 3D blueprints and a MakerBot Replicator. Thanks…

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Nintendo Stocks Drop After Negative Reviews Surrounding Super Mario Run Release

After a weak release for Nintendo fans, Super Mario Run has delivered the mega-gaming company quite a blow to its financial ego since its initial launch, not as if they can’t recover….

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FIFA 17 FUTmas is Here, and Giving Away Free Items for ’17 Days of FIFA’

FIFA returns with another year of FUTmas, back with the FIFA Ultimate Team. FUTmas will run for a total of 9 days – from the 16th to the 25th of December…

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New Overwatch Comic ‘Reflections’ Reveals First Official LGBTQ Character, and Address Popular ‘Ship’ Theories

The most recent Overwatch comic released today is the tenth and final comic for the year of 2016, titled “Reflections.” It features most of the heroes in a very vulnerable or…

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Witcher Cosplay Calendar

Steamy NSFW Witcher Cosplay Calendar is Heating Things Up for 2017

Fans of the Witcher 3 may recall with great fondness the image of Geralt of Riva glistening in a steamy bath. The hunter, soaking his weary muscles before headed out…

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Kilgore Joins Gaming Roster for Killer Instinct (VIDEO)

The latest news has finally rolled in from Microsoft Studios, and it looks like gamers will be getting a brand new character to choose from in the ever growing line-up…

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