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Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Characters are Headed to Hyrule Warriors

According to an announcement from Koei Tecmo, Yuga and Ravio are both making their way over to Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends. This makes the them the final two…

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Battlefield 1 Jambiya Knife

Man at Arms: Reforged Brings Battlefield 1’s Jambiya Knife to Life (Video)

Battlefield 1 has been out for nearly a week at this point, and people seem to be absolutely loving it. Well, most people seem to be loving it. Some have…

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Super Mario Maker 3DS Gets Medal Challenges

Earlier this year Nintendo announced that a 3DS version of the hit Wii U title Super Mario Maker would be coming to the handheld closer to the holiday season. While this…

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Season Four DLC Map for Rainbow Six Siege Leaked On Twitter

Ubisoft Japan Strikes again as information on upcoming Rainbow Six Siege content has been leaked to the public. Posted on Twitter yesterday, the video in question allegedly shows off what…

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Telltale Releases Batman Episode 3 – ‘New World Order’

Just yesterday, October 25th, Telltale released the latest episode for their series, Batman. Episode 3 is titled New World Order and reveals the aftermath of Gotham after an attack led by…

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Turtle Rock Studios Announces Support for Evolve is No More

Evolve is a wonderful concept. Either you die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the monster. Oh, wait…that’s not how that works. You just get…

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Rockstar Will Give You $250,000 in GTA Cash for Logging in for New Halloween Event!

Rockstar Games announced today that they’ll be getting into the spirit of the season by releasing new Halloween themed content for Grand Theft Auto V’s online mode. The content will…

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Dishonored 2 Newest Trailer Reveals Emily’s Special Abilities (Video)

The Dishonored 2 hype train continues to chug along as Bethesda releases their second trailer within a week. This one gives us a closer look at Empress Emily Kaldwin and her…

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Skyrim: Special Edition Boasting 69 Mods for Xbox While only 11 for the PS4

Being one of the most popular titles in Bethesda’s list of open world RPG’s, Skyrim is expecting an official release of its special edition version this Friday. And good news for gamers wanting…

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New Resident Evil 7 Gameplay Video Drops – Survival of the Plants (VIDEO)

Capcom keeps revealing more and more of the anticipated next title of the Resident Evil (RE) series. With the latest installment taking fans back to what makes us love RE, seeing…

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