Watch the Teaser Trailer for Twin Soul by the Silent Hill Achemilla Team Here (VIDEO)

White Noise, the team responsible for their Silent Hill reinterpretation (Silent Hill: Achemilla mod) that surfaced in the beginning of 2015 for Half-Life 2, is back and now with something…

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Valve to Pay Up to $3 Million in Penalties to ACCC

In 2014, charges were filed against Valve in court by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). Claims were made that Valve’s Steam Subscriber Agreement, and Refund Policy, were misleading…

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EA has Established Disclosure Rules to Sponsored Streamers

A recent change in EA’s business guidelines has established new rules for streamers and Youtubers sponsored to advertise the company’s video games. According to EA’s German blog, these new disclosure rules have…

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Channel Zero: No-End House – First Look at Creepypasta Inspired Season 2 (VIDEO)

With the culmination of Syfy‘s first, chilling season of Channel Zero: Candle Cove, fans of the creepy television show were treated to a teaser for the upcoming second season. Channel…

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“Battlefest” Celebration Kicks Off for Battlefield 1 Bringing Special Events, Giveaways, and More

Battlefest is a celebration for the whole Battlefield community from November 16th – 27th. Players can expect a lot of goodies including giveaways, events, in-game activations, and new missions. All…

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Meet The New Xbox One DVR. . . Kind of

Today Tablo announced the launch of their Xbox One app; this is very good news for Xbox One owners who are also cord cutters and I’ll tell you why. Microsoft…

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EA Open World

EA Open World Games Coming, Executive Weighs In

For the modern day Triple A gaming industry, it seems like the biggest publishers are defined by their ability to make games consisting of “open worlds”. That is, however, to…

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The Nexus Challenge Gets You the Overwatch Genji Oni Skin! Here’s How! has issued the Nexus Challenge for players all around the world! Between November 15th and January 4th, anyone can do it and receive all sorts of sweet in-game rewards…

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Persona 5 Delayed Yet Again

We haven’t seen a persona game come to a PlayStation console since the PS2 and as it turns out, we’ll have to wait a little bit longer before we do….

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Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 Hardcore Servers are Live Now on all Platforms

Hardcore Servers are officially live for the World War 1 based first-person shooter, Battlefield 1. The Hardcore Servers are available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms. The announcement comes…

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