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    A royally radical and totally tubular 90s kid, Cory has a passion for all things nerdy, particularly gaming and nostalgia. While an accountant by day, he strives to be as creative and humorous as possible in his free time, be it here writing on Don't Feed the Gamers, or making dumb satirical posts on his Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Minecraft Movie

We’ve seen several video game films release in 2016 from middling to downright terrible critical reception. While we have...

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Street Fighter V DLC

The Street Fighter franchise is no stranger to updates for its games. Street Fighter II famously had several updated...

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Vivendi Hostile Takeover

While America gears up for Super Consumer Purchasing season, Vivendi has recently been in a purchasing frenzy as well,...

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Lego Bioshock's Rapture

Everyone’s favorite interlocking brick system has certainly evolved in the past few decades. Starting off as primarily children’s toys,...

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Watch Dogs 2 Sales

The original Watch Dogs game was fairly well received and had one of the most successful launches for a...

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Nintendo Switch Skyrim Elder Scrolls Six

One of the most surprising reveals for Nintendo fans in the Nintendo Switch video announcement was the presence of...

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The Last Guardian Cinematic

We are inching our way closer to the end of a nearly decade-long journey with the upcoming release of...

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Game Awards Promises Deeper Reveal

One of the biggest controversies this year in gaming came from the release of No Man’s Sky, which was the...

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Han Solo Anthology Emilia Clarke

We recently learned that nerd favorite and rap star Donald Glover would be portraying the younger version of Lando Calrissian...

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Titanfall 3 uncertain

Critically, it seems as though things went perfectly for Titanfall 2’s release. Many believe that the sequel corrected many...

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